Motor Vehicle Defects

Driving your car or truck on a regular basis can lead to a feeling of safety and comfort. When a manufacturer poorly manufactures or negligently designs the components of your car, however, an ordinary drive or car crash can lead to serious injuries.

At Carlile Law Firm LLP, our skilled personal injury attorneys represent clients who were injured by dangerous motor vehicle products, auto defects and motor vehicle accidents. Since 1997, we have been helping injured clients seek fair compensation for their injuries, including medical expenses and lost wages as well as damages for their pain and suffering.

We are local lawyers serving local people. Contact our Longview, Texas, auto defect lawyers to set up an appointment. We serve clients in Marshall, Longview and the surrounding Ark-La-Tex area.

Marshall Defective Car, Tires and Seat belts Lawyers, Helping You With Your Auto Defect Injuries

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients who have been injured by a wide range of automotive product defects, including:

  • Defective seat belts: A faulty or improper seat belt can mean the difference between minor bruises and serious injuries. If you were injured by seat belt failure, our attorneys can help you bring a claim.
  • Dangerous headrests: Headrests protect our heads and necks on impact. If you were injured in a vehicle with a defective or inadequate headrest, we will pursue compensation for your injuries from the manufacturer.
  • Defective car tires: Our law firm is dedicated to assisting clients who have been injured by tire blowouts, poor retreads or otherwise malfunctioning tires.
  • Inadequate safety features: When a piece of farming or manufacturing equipment lacks proper safety features, such as a dead man’s seat, people can be seriously injured. We can help you bring a claim and secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
  • Roof failure and rollovers: If your vehicle’s roof collapsed or your car was unstable and flipped, our attorneys can help you bring a claim against the manufacturer for your injuries caused by the rollover and will work to maximize your recovery.

Dedicated Personal Injury Practice

When you hire our firm, we will explore every legal avenue to secure your compensation when you have been injured by an auto defect. With our network of experts, such as biomechanical engineers and crash reconstructionists, our attorneys will investigate every aspect of your claim. We are also skilled at negotiating with insurance companies.

Hire a Skilled Harrison and Gregg County Vehicle Defect Attorney

For a free initial consultation, contact a Marshall defective car, tires and seat belts attorney at our firm. If your injuries prevent you from visiting our office, we can arrange to visit with you in a more convenient location.