Personal Injury

Life looks very different after you have been seriously injured. The future can seem very uncertain when you’re not sure how long recovery will take, if you can afford your medical bills, what to do if you can’t work and if anyone can be held accountable for your injuries. Fortunately, you can turn to the attorneys at Carlile Law Firm LLP for help.

A Trusted Community Law Firm

Our law firm is based in Marshall, and we have a long history of serving families in our area. After being injured, we understand that our fellow community members need help from a trusted local attorney. Our lawyers believe in doing whatever it takes to ensure that our clients get the solid legal representation they need.

We serve individuals and families in a range of personal injury claims, including those involving:

Learn more about type of injuries commonly associated with serious accidents, as well as answers to frequently asked personal injury questions.

We Will Help You Navigate The Personal Injury Case Process

There is a lot involved in a personal injury lawsuit, but our legal team is here to guide you every step of the way. We have significant experience with these cases, and have a solid track record of fair and favorable compensation awards — some in the millions. Each case is different, so our lawyers will help you understand the big picture in your claim and the best way to proceed based on your specific circumstances.

While we are able to settle the majority of cases outside of the courtroom, we are fully prepared to advance to trial when needed. Our East Texas personal injury lawyers have tried many cases before and are highly familiar with the local court system.

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